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Meet TGF-B3, Your Skin's New Best Friend.

Many of you may not care about the “how and why” of skin tightening and wrinkle improvement, just as long as it can be done.  If that is the case, then all you need is a roller and a good skin care treatment program to achieve healthier skin that has not been possible before now.

Most treatments rely on chemicals, light or radio frequency to burn the skin, which leads to release of TGF-B1 and TGF-B2 (transforming growth factor) and production of scar collagen (thick, parallel orientated bundles).  Medical rolling, on the other hand, releases TGF-B3 which promotes natural collagen, with scarless wound healing.

Another exciting advantage of medical needling is that pigment cells are not negatively impacted, minimizing risk of post inflammatory hypo or hyperpigmentation, even with post treatment sun exposure.  Unlike laser, it is safe for all skin colors.

Best of all, medical and cosmetic needling is a safer, more natural way of looking healthier at a fraction of the cost compared to many technologies.  So simple, yet revolutionary!

Dr. Lance Setterfield, M.D. of Acacia Dermacare, is the only physician on Vancouver Island currently incorporating Dermal Rolling into comprehensive treatments.

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