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Why Choose A Private Residential Clinic?

I am a client of Dr. Lance Setterfield's and would like to provide a short testimonial with regard to the quality of service and the advantages of a private residential clinic.

Client and procedure selection are the most important part of the treatment plan in the determination of a final outcome. In order to achieve this, Dr. Setterfield meets with patients to share his insights and to ensure they are well informed and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Customer service and satisfaction is an important part of the experience and Dr. Setterfield endeavours to succeed in this area.  The treatment facility is located on the first floor of his home which has a separate entrance.

The advantages of a private residential clinic far exceed those of a commercial clinic.  Having experienced both types of clinics first hand, I must admit that I have a preference for a private residential clinic.

Advantages of a private residential clinic include:

(1) Quiet, relaxing and safe environment exists for the client without distractions and interruptions.  There is no reception area full of clients waiting for their appointment time.  Absolute and blissful solitude prevails. 

(2) Very clean and sterile facility which is always in first rate condition and ready state for clients.  No unclean treatment rooms due to physician falling behind in their schedule for one reason or another (e.g. clients are late, procedure takes longer than anticipated).

(3)  No need to walk out of the facility at the end of treatment (complete with some minor redness or other skin irritant) into a room full of other clients starring at you because it is only natural to look when something appears a little out of the ordinary.

(4)  Not feeling rushed or disappointed because there is not sufficient time to answer your many questions that you are entitled to ask because you worry about making the physician late for the next appointment which could be scheduled simultaneous or very close in timing to yours.  

(5)  Complete and total discretion assured as there is little or no fear in meeting a family member, friend or work colleague in the waiting room which for some clients may cause an uneasy feeling. 

A more beautiful and happier you is easily accomplished in a private residential clinic with Dr. Setterfield whose customer service focus is above and beyond service level expectations… will not be disappointed!

Client BW

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