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Advanced Skin Analysis

In the quest to bring his patients the most up-to-date treatments in skin care, Dr Setterfield is pleased to offer another “first” on Vancouver Island.  The Advanced Skin Analysis, using the “Pastiche Method” (created by Florence Barrett-Hill*) sets new standards in skin type and condition analysis.  It links skin structure and function to skin condition.

Have you ever wondered why the expensive product you use does nothing? You either blame yourself for not using it properly, or you think you were conned by another marketing scam. But skin physiology is complex, and one reason may be that your skin problem was oversimplified or misdiagnosed due to insufficient information. If the underlying cause is missed, the best skin care products in the world will not help. For example, how can a cell absorb crucial nutrients if an essential fatty acid deficiency prevents the cell membrane from functioning normally?

Dr Setterfield now offers an accurate and detailed analysis of your skin using the Pastiche Method in combination with modern skin diagnostic equipment from Germany. This measures the four most useful aspects of the epidermis: hydration, sebum (lipid), melanin & erythema levels, allowing one to link product composition to your specific skin condition and develop a realistic mode-specific program.

The assessment takes 1-2 hours, and entails:

  • Gathering all data pertaining to your work/play/lifestyle, nutritional, medical and cosmetic history, especially the past 5 years.
  • Documenting your baseline UV spots score using the Visia camera (UV photo mode shows subsurface skin conditions, including photodamage.)
  • Establishing the cause of your skin concern.
  • Relating the cause to the cells and systems that have been affected.
  • Establishing your basic majority skin type and the home care protocols necessary to maintain it.
  • Establishing the Fitzpatrick skin tone of your skin which enables an understanding of your skins’ susceptibility to pigmentation and trauma, as well as establish its burn time.
  • Establishing the first priority skin condition and preparing a 6-week treatment program to improve it.

You will need to bring:

  • All skin care products, including perfumes, hair spray, hair gel and shampoo.
  • All make-up.
  • All medication.
  • All vitamins and supplements.

In order to receive maximum benefit from the technology, you would be required to present for the appointment with skin unwashed, with no moisturizers or anything at all on the skin. NO EXCEPTIONS. Hair should be washed the night before, as the acid mantle of the skin may be disturbed by the pH of the shampoo.

The final report is 5-8 pages long, and this can be presented to your family physician, especially if there are issues where present medications are affecting your skin condition.

The cost of the detailed analysis ranges from $150.00 to $200.00, depending on the length of time needed.

* Florence Barrett-Hill is an internationally acclaimed independent aesthetic technical educator, practitioner, researcher, and author, with vast experience covering all aspects of professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care. She is well respected by her industry peers for her 30+ years of knowledge.

Florence is the programme director of PASTICHE RESOURCES, the leading international postgraduate beauty industry education provider.  The “Pastiche Method” sets new standards in skin type and condition analysis. Florence's internationally respected "Advanced Skin Analysis” training program is a breakthrough post-graduate curriculum launched in 1994, and was the first to recognize and teach the importance of linking skin structure and function to skin condition.

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