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  • Dr Setterfield will present an Abstract at the World Congress Of Aesthetic Medicine this week which outlines his new study confirming that "less is best" when it comes to dermal rolling.  "Cosmetic vs. Medical Needling Revisited" 






  • Another "First" for Vancouver Island:  Advanced Skin Analysis using the Pastiche Method and German technology, now available at Acacia Dermacare.


  •  Another "First" for Vancouver Island:  DF Facial - Hollywood's Choice (Editorial featured in the Times Colonist)





  •  Featured in The Cordovan, Fall 2006 Vol. 30 NO. 3  Editorial -  Rosacea 


  • Sun kills 60 000 people a year, WHO reports.  First survey of global effects of UV also finds widespread vision problems.



  • Featured in the SpaFinder, May 2006:  "Getting Under Your Skin"  Cutting-Edge Skin Care is not as much about the ingredients as it is about infiltration to the depth of the skin where they do the most good.






  • Featured in FOCUS Magazine May 2005, VOL. 17, NO.8.  Advertorial


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