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Acacia Dermacare is first on Vancouver Island to offer an exciting new range of creams that is science-based and used world-wide (except South America). ENVIRON SKIN CARE features a comprehensive, results-oriented line of products utilizing the highest grade vitamins A & C, E, B3, B12, antioxidants, colostrum and growth factors formulated to effectively penetrate the skin. It is state of the art skin therapy that delivers dramatic, measurable results.

It is a well known fact that Vitamins A and C are essential for the maintenance of a healthy and youthful skin.  Most skin care products today contain these essential ingredients, so what sets them apart?

1. Concentrations of ingredients vary. Some contain miniscule amounts so that they can claim that their product “has what it takes”. This is known as “angel dusting” in the industry.

2. Chemical structure plays an important role because this influences two crucial factors:

· Ability to penetrate the skin, i.e. oil-soluble products penetrate better than water-soluble products.

· Stability of the product, i.e. expiry date.

3. Packaging affects stability of the product. Large openings allow oxygen and light access which degrades the active ingredients and can cause them to form oxidants. Clear containers also facilitate light degradation.

But if an active ingredient can't get through the various skin layers to the cells that need them the most, what good is it? Skin-hugging moisturizers are not enough.

The cells that play the biggest role in keeping the skin young, the fibroblasts, are deep down in the mesoderm. How do we reach them? Herein lies Environ's secret to success. It all hinges on penetration. From selection of molecules that have superior penetrating ability (Nanotechnology), to devices that create passages through the skin (Needling), to devices that force active ingredients deeper into the skin (DF Ionzyme Machine), Environ's approach combines many new cutting-edge delivery systems to create a unique skin care program that allows optimum skin health and condition.

Summary: ENVIRON

  • Promotes a healthy, young-looking skin.
  • Prevents sun and environmental damage.
  • Contains high doses of Vitamins A and C and other antioxidants which are essential for a healthy skin.
  • Increases the penetration of vitamins by 4000% by using Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis.
  • Is a safer, natural alternative treatment for acne, burns, eczema, rosacea, scarring and sun damage.


 Products include Ultra (Vitamin A), C-Boost, Anti-Oxidant Gel, Colostrum Gel, Alpha Toner Mild, Glominerals Mineral Make-Up and Hexam IDS Cleanser.  The Cosmetic Roll CIT was added after one year.  Note that she got worse before she got better.  It took a year to increase her Vitamin A dose to meaningful levels.  Rosacea patients are typically sensitive to Vitamin A.  Of interest is the increased damage on the right side of her face.  She sits predominantly in the passenger seat.  Never underestimate the damage UV rays cause.


Eczema before treating with Moisture Gel (Vitamin A)

....and three weeks later



Acne before treating with the B-Active Range...

...and 2 months later.



Acne before treating with the B-Active Range...

...and several months later.

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The Environ range is effective because it incorporates an intelligent TEN-pronged attack against the visible signs of aging:

  1. Vitamin A – Generally used as the ester form (e.g. retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate), but also as retinol and beta-carotene which help to prevent and reverse established photo-aging as much as possible, and to improve hydration. Vitamin A has long been known as the “Skin Vitamin”, but only recently has attention been focused on it as a “normalizer” of skin and an indispensable factor in the maintenance of youthful, healthy skin. Vitamin A will always be an essential nutrient that has to be replaced each day for a healthy, youthful appearance. The proper way to supply vitamin A to the skin is directly on the surface areas of skin that particularly need it. Oral supplementation of vitamin A is important, but can never be adequate enough to treat skin intensively.
  2. Intensive Vitamin C – Besides its basic action as a free radical scavenger, vitamin C has an important part to play in the formation of collagen and when combined with vitamin A, skin laxity can be treated more effectively. It also reduces pigmentation blemishes. For the healthiest, most radiant skin, vitamin C is essential. Environ has pioneered the use of stabilized and highly effective forms of vitamin C.
  3. Free Radical Quenchers – (In the form of natural antioxidants vitamins C, E, B5, beta-carotene, and antioxidant plant extracts) are used to counteract the effects of those free radicals that are formed.
  4. Both UV-A and UV-B Sunscreens– Wherever possible, inorganic sun reflectants are used. The reason why we use the inorganic sunscreens is that they do not cause any skin irritation and they are not absorbed into the skin and cannot cause any long term problems. They are the safest sunscreens available and also the best ones for UV-A and also very powerful UV-B screens. Another point is that when they are subjected to UV light they do not alter their chemical structure and do not become free radicals. Organic sunscreens may change into free radicals and when they are exposed to sunlight, their SPF value gradually diminishes. The SPF factor is not affected by the length of time that an inorganic sunscreen is exposed to the sun.  (Victoria UV Forecast.)
  5. Pro-Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol – INCI name Panthenol) – Is used in a Hypo-Allergenic base to boost the waterproof barrier of the skin, to assist in controlling free radicals, and to reduce the chances of follicular obstruction.
  6. Growth Factors – By supplementing growth factors both orally and topically. Environ can help to stimulate the skin into a higher degree of response and rejuvenation.
  7. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids – These acids help to minimize signs of aging. Because Beta Hydroxy acids are good skin exfoliants and kinder then Alpha Hydroxy acids, they are useful for acne conditions. By removing excess horny layer build-up and making skin smoother, acne is improved.
  8. Peeling System – A more advanced treatment system for sun damaged skin and congestion. The Environ unique Cool Peeling System (namely TCA Pamgels and Lac-Pamgels) enables one to create versatile peels with milder peeling agents. Peeling is being replaced to a large extent by iontophoresis and sonophoresis.
  9. Specialized Ionzyme DF Machine Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis Treatments – A highly scientific electrical system designed to enhance the penetration of the active vitamins. It combines Iontophoresis (Galvanic) and Sonophoresis (Ultra sound).
  10. Cosmetic and Medical Roll-CIT – Special mechanical tools that enhance penetration through the skin. This instrument safely punctures the horny layer of the epidermis with micro-needles to increase the amount of large molecules that can penetrate the skin by 10,000 fold. It has been designed for inducing natural collagenesis. Aging is a chronic disease that needs daily treatment, beginning before the visible signs of aging show (prevention is better than cure) and, as we get older, more intensive treatment is required. Daily treatment by means of the Environ range will help reduce and delay the visible changes of aging. This is achieved by nourishing the skin with essential vitamins, as well as other nutrients. Sensible protection from sunlight is important, but we have to remember that we really need the sun in order to remain healthy. For this reason all these special agents are incorporated into the products to save skin from environmental damage. The Environ products offer a definite regime to nourish, protect and maintain youthful skin and allow a normal healthy degree of exposure to the sun.

Ideally, skin care should start as early as possible. 4-5 years old is not too soon to start because sun damage can already be detected in Type I and II skins at this age. Most young people in their twenties mistakenly believe that they are too young to use any cosmetic moisturizing cream and they ignore the warning and sunbathe! The truth is that 80% of photo-damage is done by the age of 18. Darker Mediterranean types can tan easily and relatively safely, but can still get sun damage. Even black skins are damaged by the sun and can become blotchy with irregular pigmentation.

Look carefully at the skin of the average person in their early twenties and you will see evidence of sun damage. (The beginnings of fine wrinkles around the eyes, freckles and clumping of the skin pigment when viewed with a magnifying glass under ultraviolet light.) Eventually damaged cells become abnormal or even pre-cancerous. The Environ range has been introduced to specifically meet this challenge by using safe, proven ingredients that will protect skin, as well as restore some of the skin’s lost youthful properties.

Please see Environ for further information and the full range of products.

Environ is one of South Africa's best-kept beauty secrets.  Now you can experience this secret right here in Victoria.

 Sunscreen.  Separating Fact From Fiction  (Victoria UV Forecast)


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