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Environ Procedures

The DF Facial is offered on Vancouver Island exclusively at Acacia Dermacare in Victoria.

What is the DF Facial?  It’s the facial of the future and it’s here and available now.  This is one of the most effective treatments in the world today for enhancing the penetration of high doses of vitamins into the skin.  What will this do for your skin?  It can reduce pore size, even skin tone, tighten, lift and brighten your skin, while providing an overall healthier appearance.  Happi Magazine reports the DF Facial is quickly becoming a favorite among Hollywood’s elite, including Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo, among others.

The DF Facial rejuvenates your skin by nurturing your cells back to optimum health.  Each treatment is designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin using Vitamin A and C to increase collagen and elastin production.  It better controls pigment production, restores normal skin blood flow, and properly oxygenates your skin.  The DF Machine uses sound waves and electrical fields to make your skin more permeable, thus increasing the absorption of natural essential vitamins and antioxidants necessary for treating various skin problems.  This treatment is one of the best choices for improving sun damage, wrinkles, brown spots, acne and rosacea.

Dr. Lance Setterfield performs the DF Facial and each treatment is personalized to suit your needs.  This multi-step facial includes exfoliation, reparative mask, vitamin concentrate infusion and sonic massage.  If you are looking for a results-driven facial and strive to achieve healthy skin, this luxurious facial treatment is for you.  In addition, this is an excellent treatment if you are considering cosmetic surgery or if you have had surgery and are now wishing to maintain those results.

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The Science Behind The Results

It is a well known fact that Vitamins A and C are essential for the maintenance of a healthy and youthful skin. But if an active ingredient can’t get through the various skin layers to the cells that need them the most, what good is it? Skin-hugging moisturizers are not enough.

The cells that play the biggest role in keeping the skin young, the fibroblasts, are deep down in the mesoderm. How do we reach them? Herein lies Environ’s secret to success. It all hinges on penetration. From selection of molecules that have superior penetrating ability (Nanotechnology), to devices that create passages through the skin (Needling), to devices that force active ingredients deeper into the skin (DF Ionzyme Machine), Environ’s approach combines many new cutting-edge delivery systems to create a unique skin care program that allows optimum skin health and condition.

Because skin has a natural waterproof barrier that hinders the penetration of vitamins, Environ developed two crucial techniques to enhance absorption of optimum strengths of vitamin A and C, plus additional growth factors through the skin.

  1. The Ionzyme® DF machine, possibly the most advanced penetrant-enhancing machine available in the world today, manages to overcome this resistance with two tried and tested methods:
    · Iontophoresis – involves the use of an electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin.  This may sound scary, but it is not. 
    · Sonophoresis – involves the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin.

    The treatments are designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalization and improvement of collagen and elastin, better control of pigment production, restoration of normal blood flow and proper oxygenation of the skin.
  2. Cosmetic and Medical Needling - It is a world first and will dramatically increase the effectiveness of skin care products, allowing improved penetration of vitamins into the active layers of the skin.

“Micro-needles” puncture the horny layer of the epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. This results in their passage to attain depths in the skin about 10,000 times more than by simply applying the products topically. The higher the levels of vitamin A and vitamin C that can penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, the more collagen can be made.

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