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About Acacia Dermacare

Acacia Dermacare was founded by Dr Lance Setterfield in May, 2005.

Unlike many of the Cosmetic Clinics and Spas exploding onto the scene that tend to cater toward fixing surface problems, Acacia Dermacare is dedicated to enhancing skin health for the long term, using science-based, individualized programs for men, women, and children.  These programs are less invasive, using cutting edge technology to assist with clinical diagnosis and objective monitoring of progress.

Restoring the physiology of skin cells not only prevents sun and environmental damage, but also reverses or delays the effects of aging.  Dr Setterfield is presently achieving this using Environ products in conjunction with other medically recognized treatments.  Thus, the individual will appear their best once skin health is restored.

Apart from skin health, Dr Setterfield offers help in other areas using Botox Therapeutic for those suffering from migraines, neck pain, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and TMJ.

Dr Lance Setterfield

Dr. Setterfield graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, in 1983.  He completed a further five years of post-graduate training in various disciplines of Medicine before immigrating to Canada to begin Family Practice in 1988.  Dermatology comprised a considerable percentage of his practice in rural Canada.  Personal experience with skin cancer led to a special interest in the field of anti-aging and cancer treatments.

He moved to Victoria in September 2000 to start a Family Practice.  He joined a Laser Clinic in Nanaimo as Co-Medical Director in 2003 and was the Co-founder and Co-Medical Director of a Laser Clinic in Victoria until February 2005.  He subsequently ended his family practice to concentrate his efforts in the area of skin health.  He has completed the advanced training course for administration of Botox, as well as other aesthetic procedures such as injection techniques for fillers and percutaneous collagen induction therapy with medical needling.

He is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

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