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Acacia Dermacare in Victoria, BC
Our aesthetic and skin treatment clinic is located at 4903 Lochside Drive
Victoria, BC
(250) 381-7546

Acacia Dermacare in Victoria, BC

Enjoy the sun, but remember to cover up with your RAD Sunscreen, Anti-Oxidant Gel, C-Boost, TNS Recovery System and C-Quence 1

Acacia Dermacare no longer accepts new patients.  Dr. Setterfield is continuing his research and education in the field of Microneedling.  (Please scroll down for more details.)

Acacia Dermacare is dedicated to enhancing skin health through education and the use of science-based, individualized programs with Microneedling as the foundation.  Dermal Needling has gained popularity as a fundamental treatment modality in Aesthetic Medicine due to its safety profile in all skin types, as well as being affordable and effective.   

Skin Conditions Treated

We provide care for aging skin, melasma, acne, rosacea, eczema, sun damage and skin cancer, skin tags, milia, broken blood vessels, cold sores and hair loss.  (Men and women).  

Procedural treatments include Botox® (Cosmetic and Therapeutic), Dysport®, fillers (Ravanesse® or Juvederm®), Medical Needling, Vasculyse and the highly specialized DF Facials (Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis). 

Skin Care Products

Our comprehensive International range of proven products include DermaResolution, AnteAge MD, Jane Iredale, Dynamis Skin Science (MEG) and EltaMD™ and are renowned for correct nourishment of the skin to treat the underlying causes of many skin conditions.  Many products treat the symptom and not the cause.  Unlike radical procedures that shock the skin into a temporary state of repair to restore appearance, nurturing your skin with the correct natural nutrients encourages healthy cell renewal that is more lasting.

Our goal at Acacia Dermacare is to gather some of the most effective, safe, affordable products from around the world to assist you in obtaining the best results.

As with any treatment, there are risks involved with Microneedling (some severe), and while rare, it is important that the practitioner be aware of these in order to minimize adverse outcomes and provide relevant information to the patient to facilitate informed consent.  Here are some tools to that end.

Education Resources - Books & Online Microneedling Course

The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling is the quintessential source for "all things needling".  This textbook outlines the science.........(more)


"Concise Guide to

Dermal Needling"  

This edition is out of print


"Concise Guide to

Dermal Needling-

Expanded Medical Edition"

$65.00 USD 

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Online Microneedling Course

Successful treatments entail 5 key points.  The ultimate resource for learning the foundational science....(more)


E-Learning Dermal Needling Course

$399.00 USD

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Specialized Clinic Services

 Dermal Rolling

 DF Facial 

Advanced Skin Analysis


Cosmetic and Medical Needling

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