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DF Facial Testimonial

Dear Dr. Lance,

The Environ DF Facial is the most advanced, beneficial facial treatment I have ever had! Over time I have experienced facials at salons and world class resorts. This particular process you have is by far the best one. It is cutting edge and beyond what others are offering. It seems to me that it is absolutely the best facial that is available to the public at this time. It is a treatment that I highly recommend.


Lelle Zahara

Hello Lance,

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of my facial last week! I can’t believe it but that angry red patch of dry flaky skin that has haunted me forever has been completely healed since then! I knew that the first day I would look fresh and healthy and moisturized but I believe my skin is still reaping the benefits! I am completely hooked!

See you soon for my next treatment.

Sara Mansi  (Image Stylist)

Dear Dr. Setterfield,

The DF Facials and the Environ skin care products have proven to be outstanding, and I have recommended them to family and friends.

I started modeling at age 13; hence, I was introduced to skin care products at a very young age. I have always ‘looked after’ my skin, but sun damage, stress, life, etc., has certainly left its mark.

Now in my early sixties, and after two years of using the DF Facial and Environ products, the texture and health of my skin has improved so much that I am no longer considering plastic surgery – rather I feel I am aging gracefully.

Thank you again, Dr. Setterfield, for the exceptional personalized care you have given.

Yours truly,



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